• Concept & Design

    “Working with space not on space.”

  • Lightbulb

    “Every project ignites/begins/starts with a light bulb”

  • Feasibility Study

    “How can we better deliver to the Client”

  • Property, Land Acquisition or Lease

    “Driven by passion & transparency, the choices that will continue to impact the landscape of our future.”

Our client’s needs define the spaces we create in both architectural concept and engineering design. This always means that we approach every new project working with space not on space. Spaces are created for people. For living or commercial use, we look at what’s efficient for the client. The structures we raise are created with the usability of the space and people in mind - not compromising on living [or commercial] qualities.
The “lightbulb” are the opportunities the Melatti team has trained itself to see where others miss it. The opportunity to improve the community. Take risks. Create solutions. To support & model transparency. Every projects starts with seeing a missing link and and striving to solve it with a Melatti BDM solution. Constantly being on the lookout for new opportunities, allows Melatti to think outside the box and become a trendsetter as the local real estate developer.
Having detected an opportunity in the market, Melatti approaches its Feasibility Study across a series of rigorous criteria, not only to evaluate required costs and attained value, but to create a project that seamlessly integrates into the community. We seek to answer this question: “how can we better deliver to the Client?”, where Client is the Community, and Community is the Client.
Working together with the City, Melatti is very thorough when it comes to decision on land acquisition, long term lease, or partnership. Priding in the ability to finance the projects themselves, Melatti remains open to strategic partnerships and investments.
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